Most Common Challenges in Finding the Right SEO Agency

=Companies or organizations that are in the process of hiring an SEO agency will find that it’s not a simple task. Today, there are hundreds of agencies to choose from. Most, if not all, will be able to provide the required services, with varying degrees of competency. Also, some firms specialize in specific SEO tasks, while some offer a more generic approach. With that said, your focus includes not only making sure that you find the right Phoenix SEO agency for your needs. It’s equally essential to avoid common mistakes and challenges companies make in the selection process.

Determining desired outcomes and setting goals

It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re in a hurry. Similar to choosing an SEO agency, one challenge is to make sure you have enough time. Before booking a firm, the first step of the process is to ensure you have defined goals and objectives. What you desire to accomplish becomes the foundation of selecting an agency that can achieve these goals.

For some companies, setting SEO goals can be challenging. Most likely, because it’s their first time. But remember that the SEO agency you choose is like a commercial flight that will bring you to the right destination without delay.

Outcomes can vary depending on the needs of the company. For example, you may require an agency that will help you in ranking the entire website or achieve a higher ranking for certain keywords. Another goal may be to drive more sales coming from organic web traffic.

The basic principle of starting by setting goals and outcomes first has an important reason. SEO agencies are not a one-size-fits-all solution to the requirements of a company. The organization’s size, desired strategies, and industry-specific verticals all play a role in the results.

Setting expectations when working with an agency

When you hire an agency, it usually means they will work alongside your in-house marketing department. Thus, another challenge in choosing a firm is to ensure that you choose one that will fit the working environment or relationship you prefer. This way, you can ensure a smoother collaboration, and prevent any potential conflicts. So, what are the things you need to prepare on your end?

First, you’ll need to establish a team composed of individuals from different departments in the company. This team needs to be well-oriented on the SEO goals, as well as why there’s a need to hire a third party. These individuals will have the task of working closely with the agency to achieve the desired results. It’s also their responsibility to act as the bridge that will ensure seamless communication and sharing of ideas.

The next steps will involve some of the more complex tasks such as researching and making recommendations and setting a contract with the expected deliverables. What’s most important here is to ensure that you set the ground rules and be on the same page with the agency. This way, the working environment will be more comfortable for everyone.

What you need is always the focus of finding an SEO agency

We can’t stress enough how important it is to know the needs of your company first, before choosing an SEO partner. It’s quite easy to get swayed by promises when you don’t know what you’re looking for. In the analogy mentioned earlier about airplanes, let’s explore further why finding an SEO agency is like being on a commercial flight. You can’t be in a hurry to book a ticket without knowing the exact destination. Are there connecting flights? How about long layovers and delays? What about the airline company’s reputation?

There are SEO companies better at helping you achieve your desired results than others. Like choosing a flight, one airline company may have several layovers, while another can offer you a direct flight. For example, if your company’s SEO goals relate to optimizing voice search, then it should be your primary consideration in selecting a firm.

Expectations when it comes to achieving the desired outcome

In SEO, time is a critical factor. While our example earlier focuses on choosing an agency that can help you achieve results without delay, it refers to the expertise and methods, not time. One of the primary challenges for companies hiring an SEO company is the realization that you can’t achieve your goals instantly. You need to avoid making the mistake of hiring a firm that promises fast SEO outcomes.

Success with SEO requires patience. It’s time-consuming and requires dedicated work from both your in-house team and the agency. You’ll know right away that you’ve chosen a good firm when they provide you with realistic expectations, not empty promises.

Lastly, another challenge you need to overcome is accepting that aside from time, you also need to invest in a good SEO agency. There are no shortcuts to achieving long-term success. As such, you need to set a budget that aligns with the results you want and avoid low-cost packages or solutions.