Dual Living Home Designs


Dual living home designs to fit your sloping, block of land perfectly. With this type of design, you are able to create an entire design that not only fits your block of land but also the rest of the garden and home around it. You are able to have a block of land that is perfect for a dual home and with good plans and a lot of thought, you too could create a block of land that is perfect for your dream home and garden. There are a huge range of dual living home designs available and you can find one that is suitable for just about any budget. With this design, you no longer need to compromise on the layout of your home since you have a choice of a block of land or better still, customise them to fit your own unique landscape.

Most people tend to stick to the classic designs and as a result they compromise on the versatility of their property. They create one block of a property and then use that space in one way or another. For instance, many build conservatories which are designed to be able to turn into offices, art studios, games rooms or even places for children to play. But with some great design ideas you can transform your block of land into something completely different.

The traditional block and panel design. This can take the shape of a simple rectangular arrangement. It is popular with people who have a small block of land and want to be able to use it in more than one way. You may be able to use it as a home office, art studio or even a greenhouse. All of these things will create a dual purpose and you will be able to maximise the area available in your garden.

Another design idea that can create a dual purpose in your garden is the arched roof design. Some people choose to have an arched section of their garden incorporated into the dual function of their home so that they get double benefit from their garden space. You could also find a beautiful balcony incorporated into your design that would allow you to enjoy the outdoors while still being able to use your home to work in.

A block and panel garden are another dual purpose design that you may find. These blocks can be formed into any shape you like and as they are contained within a larger unit you will be able to enjoy the greenery whilst still being able to work inside your home. These can be found in many different sizes and you may find one that allows you to utilise the best part of your garden.

A triangular design can be another superb design idea. This is a design which allows you to use the best of both worlds by using the triangular area to enjoy the greenery whilst you work in your garden. This type of design can be seen in many modern homes as it is simple yet very effective in its uses. If you want to create a garden that looks fantastic but you don’t have much room in your garden then a triangular design may be just what you need.

A square design would look great if you wanted a garden that was simple yet stylish. Square blocks can be used to create a beautiful garden if you choose the right design, and the best way to start is by planning the area you want to use for your garden. If you are working on a small scale then you can incorporate smaller plants and flowers in your design to make a focal point. You may also decide to incorporate a deck area or even a patio into your garden, so that you have additional space in your garden and also a place to relax when the weather starts to get a little bit colder.

Dual home design ideas are all about bringing the best parts of both worlds together. You have the option of incorporating both outdoor and indoor features into your garden to create a design that is unique. The blocks that are used to create gardens can be made from various materials, so this gives you plenty of options when it comes to the style of the garden which you will have. In some cases you may even find that you need to build additional fencing around your garden to keep the deer out and the other animals out! With so many different types of gardens available to you there is no reason why you should not have a beautiful garden that will make you smile each day!