4 Benefits of Dedicated Hosting for Big Businesses

The performance of a website is largely determined by the type of hosting services being used by it. While shared hosting plans are the most affordable, they come with limited resources and features that are adequate only for small businesses. As your business grows,so does the traffic to your website. This increases the requirements for storage, data transfer, safety, and other features increase. Allthese needsare fulfilled by dedicated server hosting plans.

Read on to know more about dedicated hosting, its features, and the advantages of choosing these plans.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting involves the allocation of a full server to host and manage a single website. This means that the website has sole access to the server and its resources like CPU, RAM, and disk space.

The main features of this type of hosting are:

  • The customer has complete control over the machine and can optimise it for their unique requirements including performance and security.
  • The hosting service provider supplies the physical server plus the environment, the related services, and all the technical support required for the optimum running of the website.

Why Big Businesses Need Dedicated Hosting?

Large businesses have special requirements for running their websites smoothly and cannot afford to have high latency or downtime levels. When these businesses decide to buy hosting plans they are looking for uninterrupted and smooth operations of their website even when traffic levels are high. These businesses deal with personal and sensitive information of their clients and thus need hosting services that offer a high level of safety for their data. The resource requirements for running a high-traffic website are also more. All this is available with dedicated server hosting plans in India.

What Do You Get with Dedicated Hosting?

Some major benefits that you can reap when you buy dedicated hosting plans are:

  • Server Resources are Exclusive: A dedicated server means the resources of that server are not being shared with any other website. So, there are no chances of bad scripts running on another website or increase in their bandwidth usage slowing down or affecting the performance of your website.
  • Better Performance and Security: A dedicated server guarantees maximum uptime for your website. Since your resources are not being shared with any other website (that may be malicious or a potential spammer), there is no scope for disturbances and instability. This is all the more important if your website is handling sensitive information of clients.
  • Customisation: A dedicated server in India can be customised according to your website’s specific needs for performance, compliance, safety, and security. You can even change server configuration, add new software and adjust resources to ensure smooth operation. Even the IP address of your server is solely for your use and you do not share it with anyone. This ensures that your website’s ranking or performance is not affected by any other website. Also, a unique IP address is highly beneficial if you are running an e-commerce site and require an SSL certificate for credit card processing.
  • No Investment for Purchasing or Maintaining Servers: Dedicated hosting offers you immediate access to a full server and does away with the cost and effort of purchasing and maintaining your own server equipment.

While there are several benefits of choosing a dedicated hosting plan, it comes at a cost.Ensure that you check all the features and the accompanying charges before you opt for a dedicated hosting plan.